Telcan.com offers a full range of account features designed to make long-distance calling as convenient and economical as possible. We think that makes us the smart choice for making long distance and international calls. Listed below are our unique user option features :

  • One Touch Dialing - We assign a local number to dial for each international number you call. Just add the local number to your Contact List and you can call your family with One Touch with no pin or destination number to dial.
  • Pin Free-Pinless-Pin Required Dialing available on every account.
  • Use Skype from your pc or mobile Phone via wifi to connect to Telcan. You simply use Skype as a softphone to connect to your Telcan account via out proprietary Skype bridging capability so you can call for less.
  • Send Free International and India SMS available to every account holder.
  • Speed Dial makes it easier to dial frequently called numbers by automatically dialing them for you.
  • Buy a new calling plan using existing credit card.
  • Account Info - Update your account info.
  • Auto-Recharge
  • Manual Recharge
  • View all your PINs
  • View your current account balance
  • Wireless Users - Making long distance and international calls from your wireless phone is easy and hassle-free.

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