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  • Unlimited local and international calling to over 25 countries
  • Get free calling features including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and more
  • Keep your current phone number at no extra change
  • Free Countries Included
    • Argentina     (Landline)
    • Austria     (Landline)
    • Brazil     (Landline, Mobile - Other)
    • Bulgaria     (Landline)
    • Canada     (Landline, All mobile carriers)
    • Colombia     (Mobile - Comcel)
    • Denmark     (Landline)
    • Faroe Islands     (Landline)
    • Germany     (Landline, Mobile - Other)
    • Iceland     (Landline)
    • Ireland     (Landline)
    • Israel     (Landline)
    • Italy     (Landline)
    • Malaysia     (All Destinations)
    • Mexico     (Landline, Mobile - Block E/6, Mobile - IUSACell, Mobile - Movistar, Mobile - Other, Mobile - Telcel, Mobile 3, Mobile Big 5, Mobile Telcel Block 2/B, Mobile Telcel Block 5/F, Mobile Triangle)
    • Norway     (Landline, Mobile - Netcom, Mobile - Tele2, Mobile - Telenor)
    • Peru     (Landline, Mobile - Claro, Mobile - Nextel/Moviles, Mobile - Others, Mobile - Telefonica/Movistar)
    • Puerto Rico     (All Destinations)
    • Romania     (Landline)
    • Slovakia     (Landline)
    • Sweden     (Landline)
    • United Kingdom     (Landline)
    • USA     (Landline, All mobile carriers)
    • Venezuela     (Landline)

    ** Calls to premium numbers are not included.
    ** Subject to Fair usage policy.

If no internet plan is selected, an existing internet connection will be required.

Calling Features:

Call Display
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Voice Mail
Caller ID Block
Three-Way Calling
Voice Mail to Email
Hold Music
Call Mute


Depending on your selected Internet plan and related modem hardware that you choose, your modem might have built-in phone functionality or you might need additional hardware for this service.
If you choose to use an internet connection from a provider other than Telcan, you will need to use additional phone hardware for this service.
Additional hardware (if required) is available from us.

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