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Telcan’s Smart MagicJack Connection

Statistics from a recent study show that every month more than ten telecom related companies are established. What does this mean? It simply means that there is increased competition in the market as these companies tussle for customers. An amazing thing about these companies is their cross border business activities. The companies are targeting customers from all over the world. Most of the companies’ operations are not restricted within a particular country or region.

However, the more established, more experienced companies on the other hand are forced to be creative so as to remain in business. They mostly rely on their experience in the industry to provide new and better products and services. Telcan is just one of the companies that have been around for a while. The company is essentially telecommunications solutions provider with a difference.

Telcan offers the highest quality prepaid India Calling Card. The service that the company offers is available to customers who are based in India, the United States and Canada. The service allows its customers to call to and from India using one account. It is the only company that offers a bi-directional India calling card service.

Currently users can use MagicJack from anywhere in the world to connect to Telcan. Through this new feature Telcan’s customers can use its services from anywhere in the world to make low cost calls to and from India or any other place. The feature enables users to make calls that are cheaper than MagicJack Out Service.

This is an exclusive feature that enables users to use their MagicJack log in credentials to connect to Telcan’s system to make pinless calls.

Procedure to Call Using MagicJack to Connect to Telcan

·         Using your log in details login to Telcan.com and locate USER MENU. Select PIN LESS DIALING SETUP.

·         Once there select the PIN that you want to program so that it is used on MagicJack and then register your MagicJack phone number for PIN Free Dialing.

Upon completion of the above process you are now ready to call using MagicJack. To call dial Telcan’s access number on MagicJack and listen for the prompt to enter the destination number which should be followed by #.

The new service is only available to customers who have valid accounts with Telcan. If you do not have an account with Telcan you can create one right away and start enjoying low cost calls to any destination from anywhere.



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