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Low rate calling by India calling card

 Telcan cheap calling card is giving Bi- directional calling –call to India and call from India. We provide our services to Business man, traveler, people who are living in USA, Canada, UK and other country. Our calling card includes all phrases for cheapest call to India.

When you will buy India calling card, now you have a option to send free sms or send text message to India free. Many SMS company are charging but we are giving you free. Because we can understood customer need. So Telcan is best calling card company in compare to other.

Telcan is offering low rate call India. If you will sign up with 2$ then you get 125 minute like this when you will sign up with 20$ then you get 1250 minute. Telcan offering many feature like.

1-24*7 live customer support.

2-Free sms services.

3-You can check your call history online.

4-One touch dialing and no pin required for dialing.

5-No cost for application.

6-No hidden charges,

 If you are thinking that when you will buy calling card , how to use it. How to call India with calling card. Calling card helps you in following:

1- You can call to any mobile or landline phone from your account.

2-You can make a call over Wi Fi ,3G,4G with Android and IPhone apps. It is called VoIP to India or Ipad VoIP.

3- You can make a call from PC, MAC by using Telcan Applications.

4-You can do free PC call to India through Skype and Magic Jack.




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Telcan call to india





Telcan call to india

This is really insightful and of great help. Thanks for sharing.




Telcan call to india





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