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Cheapest way to call India by using Telcan

 Telcan is offering many feature in Telcan user account. If you are living in USA, you need to communicate with your family,friend and relatives. There are many VoIP calling services provider like Skype, G talk and Dial91. But Telcan is best in telecom sector. This company is offering Cheapest way to call India by using India cheapest calling card. Some feature are given below:
1- One Touch dialing.
2- Cheapest way to call India from USA.
3-Free International and lndia SMS.
5-180 days validity.
6-1 Minute Rounding.
7-PCI Compliant(Credit Card Safe).
8-24/7 instant live support.
9-Online call history.
10-Send Free SMS.
11-No PIN to dial.
12-Speed dialing.
13-No activation fee.
14-No hidden charges.
15-No connection charges.
16-No Contract.
17-Crystal clear lines.
18-Auto/manual Recharge(By default manual).
User can call from following medium:
1-Call from any mobile or landline!.
2-Call over WiFi and 3G/4G with iOS App, WiFi and 3G/4G with Android App.
3-Call from Android app,PC App and MAC App.
4-Call trough Skype and  MagicJack.


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Telcan call to india

Happy with the service.




Telcan call to india

I started to use this service from day one and after so many years, I can tell you is the best out there.




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