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Telcan is an Ontario telecommunications company founded in 1998. We started as a platform provider of prepaid telecom services to service providers in North America. Companies currently use our infrastructure to provision prepaid long distance, international mobile phone recharge, as well as home and business Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) services.

As a result of internal restructuring, and to take advantage of recent CRTC mandates, we acquired our ISP license and launched our very own Internet and home phone service to the markets of Ontario and Quebec. We combine our experience in the telecom business with a robust and proven infrastructure, to provide high-quality internet services.


We strive to give Canadians access to the affordable Internet they need. We’re proud to bring Canada up to speed by providing hassle-free unlimited home Internet. THERE IS NO FINE PRINT AND THERE WILL NEVER BE.


Telcan began as a long-distance phone service provider founded in 1998 by 3 University of Waterloo students who did what engineers do best - find technical solutions to everyday problems.

The first problem we solved was how to provide businesses with dependable, affordable phone services. In 2004 we launched, a provider of cloud business phone systems. In 2015 we launched, a provider of prepaid international phone calls and international mobile top-up services.

Today, established telecommunications providers see a change in the Internet industry as a problem to overcome, but we see an opportunity to improve Internet services for Canadians.


As the “little guy” in an industry full of telecom giants, we have to stay nimble and provide people with a service that meets their needs, not our own. Our lives are changing every day and there’s no reason why one of the most important tools we use on a daily basis should have to stay the same.

Welcome to a new era of Internet in Canada. Welcome to Telcan.