1. Once your phone number is activated, connect an Ethernet Cable from the modem LAN to the Network port on your phone device.
  2. Connect Home Phone cable (RJ11) to Phone port given in the above image.
  3. Connect the power adapter to the Power port.
  4. After connecting, wait for 2 minutes. You should now be able to hear a dial tone and be able to make outbound and inbound calls.
  5. If there is no dial tone, turn off and turn on both the ATA and the Modem once.

Voicemail : To access your voicemail, press *98 from your home phone. Your default PIN is 12345 You can also change the default voicemail greeting and voicemail PIN by pressing *98.

Voicemail to Email : A Voicemail notification will be sent to the registered email address after each voicemail. You can download and listen to the voicemail by clicking on the link provided in the email.

Caller ID Block : To use Call Display Blocking dial *67 before dialling the number you want to call. The call recipient will not see your name and number on the call.

E911 : Your address is attached to your home phone number for 911 emergencies.

Hold Music : The caller would hear music when the call is on hold.

Call Forwarding :

1. Call Forward All Calls: Dial *72 followed by the 10 digit phone number. To cancel this feature, dial *73 followed by the pound key #.

2. Call Forward No Answer: If the call is not answered, the call can be forwarded to another number instead of sending it to voicemail. To enable this option, dial *92 followed by the 10 digit phone number. To cancel this feature, dial *93 followed by the pound key #.

3. Change the Number of Rings: To change the number of rings before sending the call to voicemail or no answer forwarding, dial *94 followed by a number between 2 and 9.

Call Display : If your handset has a call display, you will be able to see the Caller ID for the incoming calls.

Call Waiting : If your handset has a call waiting feature, you will be able to receive 2 calls simultaneously.

Three-Way Calling : If your handset has a Three-Way Call or Conference call feature, you will be able to do Three-Way calling.

Call Mute : If your handset has a mute button, the call will be muted from your end.